Weds 21st August change of venue

Apologises everybody for this short notice, but we’ve had to arrange a new venue for our informal ‘get together’ starting 7:30 next Wednesday, 21-August.

It now will be at:

Langford Budville Jubilee Hall
Ritherdons Lane
Langford Budville
TA21 0RL

and NOT at the Art Centre as previously planned.

One of our objectives on Wednesday evening will be to ‘sort out’ our ‘stuff’ for the upcoming Wellington Flower Show. As most of you know each year the Club stages an exhibition of members work at the Wellington Flower Show. The event is normally most successful and, among other things, helps to raise our awareness within the local community. But, we do need pictures and so if you’ve any you’d like to be considered for the exhibition you’re most welcome to bring them along on Wednesday evening to Langford Budville where Chairman Peter will be hosting a very informal review session.

The exhibition will include both prints and projected images.

The projected images need to be saved as jpeg files with the file name including your own name together with a short title, e.g.

Maurice Sadler – Bowl of Mixed Fruit.

Prints should be mounted and can be any size: although not too small and no larger than 400mm x 500mm (including the mount). It will be quite O.K. to bring an un-mounted print on Wednesday and, if chosen for display, take it back home, mount it and return it in time to be staged for the Flower Show. Please write your name and the title on back of the print.

Bring as many pic’s as you like and don’t worry if they’re not ‘show stoppers’ as we aim to represent a variety of subjects captured by photographers at all levels of experience.