September 4th 2013 First meeting, members show their travels.

Our first meeting from the summer break saw a full house for a selection of member’s holiday images.
Ted Strawson led, with an eye-opening summary of his project to produce monochrome images. His 7-tank printer, allegedly not up to the task, produces neutral results only in certain viewing conditions. Much bigger impact is the brand of paper, some with marked magenta cast, while commercial print-shops produced the best, at very reasonable cost.

Steven Tapsfield treated us to his Spanish wanderings. In the southern region Malaga to Seville, most striking was the town of Ronda, perched on a plateau and bisected by a deep river gorge. This enabled nice shots of the surrounding agriculture. Seville’s architecture pictured well, with many buildings of multi-coloured stone and Moorish influence.

Rose Finch followed with her favourite south-west beauty spots. Cornwall’s Kynance cove enclosed deep blue sea, and Morte Point in North Devon rewarded her mile-long trek from Morthoe with rugged rocks at sunset, taken from a low angle. Her grab shot of a wedding on Dartmoor, the bride’s veil billowing gracefully in the wind, was particularly memorable.

Tom Borg’s summer trips, included Bristol; a lady dressed in pink skirt with purple top photographed, blissfully unaware, an identically coloured Gromit. His closing shot from a local WWII re-enactment featured a threatening ‘Russian’ lady sniper, comically flanked by three distinctly unthreatening ‘German’ soldiers.

Jeff Kearns closed with a selection of his trademark street portraiture featuring characterful folks of all ages and sexes - admittedly featuring more ladies than men. His images of museum exhibits and architectural features taken from unusual viewpoints, produced colourful and effective puzzle shots, verging on the abstract.

A full and enjoyable evening, much appreciated by all.