September 11th 2013 Ian and Kitty Wright's excellent travels

Our first talk of the season was a cracker, delivered by Ian and Kitty Wright from Exeter. Their superb mono. and colour prints illustrated Cambodia, Viet Nam and Cuba, apparently a small slice from extensive travels. Unusually, they stay among these communities for extended periods, so their images reflect everyday life more accurately and endearingly .

Images of market place, dwellings, agriculture and everyday activities in Cambodia were peopled with characterful men, women and children going about their everyday business, no sign of ‘heritage’ here. Shots from above of groups of women bustling at the water supplies glowed with the colour of their clothes and utensils, the technical challenge of bright sun and reflections handled perfectly.

Cuban images reflected American influence in the proverbial battered cars and well-worn architecture, but again it was the folk that gave interest, men grouped around domino table in the street, kids and youths at improvised ball games, and groups of women chatting the daily business. Ian and Kitty evidently enjoyed the visit, “just how a camera club should be”, and we were full of admiration for the informality and quality of their work.

A further treat on Saturday, when an intrepid group of members were led by our Levels expert Ron Burnell on an exploration of the various reserves – insects aplenty, sadly birds reserved!