18th September 2013 Notoriously heckled in-house battle

This evening’s in-house battle fielded Ladies versus Gents. in a light-hearted struggle for pictorial supremacy. Members bring along a selection of their best prints, covering as wide a range of subjects as possible. We greeted a visitor for the evening, plus the welcome return of Wellington School student Ben Meeks with some nice images on show.

Ladies won the toss and put first print up, Gents. then had to match the subject to score a point. If they were unable, Ladies got the point and went again. Three members volunteered to judge, a difficult task requiring instant judgements in the face of outrageous heckling from the floor. One judge insisted on kneeling throughout, the better to view prints, and indulged in a most unseemly knee-shuffling from then on.

It was gratifying to see a wide range of member’s images of great interest and quality, most of which don’t see the light of day until an appropriate competition subject arises . Ladies led from start to finish, though the result was a close 39 points to 35. A member lodged objection to the result, “the Ladies had the best prints”, sadly disallowed; a great evening for all.