September 25th 2013 'Open' projected competition 80+ entries!

A field of over 80 projected images, split evenly between standard and experienced members, gave returning judge Chaz Madge a hefty workload. With subject ‘Open’ he was comparing apples with pears (literally in a couple of images), making for an even tougher assignment. Rising well to the challenge, he gave comprehensive feedback on every image.

Good news, the majority of images required no further cropping, judge’s favourite, whereas a number would benefit from enhanced mid-tone contrast and colour vibrancy to ‘pop’ on the screen.

In the Experienced group, third was Tom Borg’s On the March, featuring two bristling electricity pylons in monochrome, glistening in the sunlight against a graduated sky. Second went to Blue on Orange by Jon Peters, bright blue metallic railings against deep orange-rendered walls, with white steps to break the two. First to Tom Borg’s Dawlish Seafront, a minimal shot of white table ‘gainst blue sea with two purple chairs, sharply shadowed.

Third in the Standard group was Paul Carter’s Morning Breath, much nicer than it sounds with an aggressively pointed stag in profile exhaling said cloud against a glorious autumnal background. Second to Janet Sadler’s People Watching, two folk taken from behind as they surveyed an attractive harbour scene; we joined their view. First to Paul Carter with I’m Watching You, a fantastically sharp image of leopard peering down at photographer, eyes widely yellow, as if poised to strike.