16th October 2013 First-rate demonstration of studio lighing

Life-long professional photographer Andy Green shared some of his know-how on lighting this evening, joined by his very able technical assistant Barney. The front of the lecture theatre became an improvised studio while Lizzie Knighton kindly posed as our model. The interplay of these three through the evening added greatly to its humour and informality.

Theme of the session was “keep it manual” – camera on manual, flash too, then to experiment with settings and light placements, the best way to learn. The camera was tethered to a laptop feeding a projector, so results of each shot were immediately displayed; this went some way to demystifying the apparent complexities of studio lighting.

In addition to professional flashguns, Andy demonstrated the effectiveness of low-priced LED video lighting, and the flexibility of mounting a portable flash on a monopod. Remotely fired by either inexpensive wireless kit or extension lead, deep pockets are not required. Most striking was Lizzie’s portrait with bright rim lighting of her hair, created by soft frontal light and a rear flash, a technique adaptable to any subject in the field.

This was an instructive and inspiring evening from two excellent practitioners, which set the scene for the club’s own studio evening on 6th November. They and Lizzie were enthusiastically thanked for a top-rate session.