30th October 2013 In-house critique plus wonderful nature shots

First part of the evening was an in-house critique of the club’s past battle images. Four members gamely assessed four images each, and were rewarded with none of the mutinous mutterings that accompany some judge’s feedback. Their comments, compared with those of the original judge, were generally gratifyingly accurate; meanwhile the rest of us scored each image in turn. Hurried maths. in the tea break by Vice Chair Maurice Sadler revealed average scores close to the judge’s decisions, plus we agreed well on the top three: a beautifully textured snow scene, banking red arrows, and cygnet under mum’s wing.

Second half was a further instalment of the RPS Natural World exhibition. Notwithstanding a somewhat verbose commentary and flowery sound track, the images shown were a wonderful illustration of photographic craft at the top of the game. We see lots of bird shots so may be less moved by another, whereas the incredible diversity of fungi, their habit, colours, and texture was both fascinating and revealing close-up. A shot of scarlet cup fungi midst green groundcover leapt off the screen, while silky white and translucent parasol fungi exhibited fairy-like delicacy.

A full and fun evening, well enjoyed by all and a tribute to Maurice’s stewardship.