6th November Practical Portrait Evening

Lights–cameras-action! All of these were much in evidence for the most recent club meeting held this time in the congenial and spacious Junior School Hall of Wellington School. This was the photography club’s practical portrait evening – a time when our willing and patient models – Pauline Jenkins and Jordane Vincent - kindly endured countless requests to turn this way or that, to look up or look down and to suffer the attempts of those not used to this kind of photography to practise some of the techniques introduced to the club some week’s back in a session on studio lighting.

The success of this kind of practical session often lies not in the quality of photographs taken or in having a different image from someone else. After all with two models and 24 photographers the chances of duplicating images is very high. What does happen though is a chance to learn about your camera and how you can alter it to achieve a better image. And so it was on this occasion. Much was learnt from other club members about how by making slight adjustments to shutter speeds, apertures, depth of field and ISO ranges that better images could be achieved. Chatting to someone with the same or similar camera proved invaluable.

In all this was an enjoyable evening where technical expertise was greatly improved by sharing ideas and experience.