20th November 2013 'Wecome to my outdoor office'

In the ten years that Stephen Spraggon has been a practising landscape photographer he has achieved far more than many would in twice that time or even longer. In his immaculately constructed and fascinating talk on how he obtains his powerful evocative images, he demonstrated that behind every one of his pictures there has been extensive preparation.
It is said that ‘time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted’ and for Stephen this is patently the case. Locating a potential landscape image -possibly one that has never been shot before – is only part of the adventure. Once found it may well be that the photographer has to return several times to the view to ensure that the light is just right. That this often involves very early morning starts is the price the devoted landscape photographer is willing to pay for the crack of dawn shot that captures the beauty of the landscape and the quiet beauty of the countryside.
The other aspect of his work was his attention to detail and his determination to get the picture right in the camera with little post-production work. Blending together several images with different exposures produced results that showed a high level of photographic knowledge and expertise.
Stephen’s clear love of the countryside was clear in his wide portfolio of images ranging through the West Country, the Lake District and Wales. His dedication was clear in his willingness to carry heavy photographic kit through off-road areas to vantage points where few or no photographers rarely go. One such image was of Black Church Rock in North Devon.
This was a stimulating evening with many images lingering in the mind long afterwards whether it was Stephen’s earliest shot of Glastonbury Tor and the Holy Thorn or one of his most recent of a misty early morning scene at Bruton, Somerset. More of Stephen’s work can be seen at