27th November 'Naturally Framed'

You might think there were limited possibilities with a competition title such as ‘Naturally Framed’ but Wellington & District Camera Club members rose to the challenge when they presented judge John Foulkes with fifty eight digital images for his consideration.
Whilst the usual framing effects such as trees, doors, archways and bridges were present, photographers imaginatively used reflections in musical instruments or street lamps or a font or shadows to branch out from the obvious. Or, very dramatically, the Moon as the frame for an approaching helicopter – one of the stunning images of the night.
When a photographer enters a club competition it is never possible to anticipate the way the judge will respond to the pictures. Will the judge be ruthless in his analysis and deconstruction of the images he has put before him so that the evening ends up like receiving back homework with very low marks? Or will he offer a reasoned and reasonable assessment of the pictures which will not only commend the best but also encourage the authors of those that were not quite so good to aspire to greater things?
It was certainly the latter on this evening as John dispensed advice with a knowledgeable technical commentary in a gentle good-humoured way that showed a real empathy for every image. No one could feel hard done by such was his flexible approach to the interpretation of the competition’s theme and his genuine appreciation of each picture.
The results for the evening were 1st: ‘Twin Towers’ KL by David Brown
2nd: ‘Wildcat intimidation’ by Nick Farnham
3rd :‘Angels in Glass’ by Ron Burnell
Highly Commended : ‘Horn Reflection’ David Brown; ‘Smile’ by Peter Tickner