December 4th 2013 - Intrepid, imaginative and surprising

Judy Craig’s evening was billed as ‘South with Endurance’ and ‘creating a Line Drawing from a photo’. You might think that these two subjects were somewhat unbalanced in their scope for audience involvement and enjoyment. But that would be an unwise supposition to make.
The first part indicated that it would be about life in the harsh Antarctic and so it was. Judy Craig’s images were from her journey with the ship Endurance from January to March 2000 when she was part of a team providing aerial images to assist satellite photography of areas of the South Pole and its environment. Her pictures of immense blue icebergs and vast expanses of white evoked the bleak conditions that exist in that part of the world. This beautiful but hostile place was brought to life by some excellent audio-visual presentations and 3D images. Judy’s images and commentary vividly brought home just how heroic had been the expedition of Ernest Shackleton all those years ago.
And so to the second part of the evening. How different could this be? Very is the answer but equally as fascinating. The reason was that Judy’s presentation included not only some very different ways of blending line drawings of images with other adjusted versions of the same image but also several audio visual sequences that were just so unexpected and captivating. In particular, her rendering of the sections of a computer motherboard into a tour of Silicon City was astonishingly original. Similarly a homage to Vincent Van Gogh set to Don Maclean’s song ‘Vincent’ was both beautiful and ingenious. And a finale which featured a series of images of polar bears relaxing in the Artic served as a perfect counterpoint to where the evening had begun.