11th December 2013 - 'Around the World from A-Z'

John Summerhill’s presentation of images of places he had visited entitled ‘Around the World from A-Z’ did not disappoint. You might think that letters such as Q,X and Z might prove awkward but like the rest of the alphabet they were covered with ease.
This was a fascinating trip around the globe with some exceptional pictures that were far more than record shots. John’s skills as a photographer were in evidence as he showed a real eye for composition and capturing the moment whether in a landscape, a natural history shot or a candid image of people in the street. Australia was quickly followed by Argentina and we were soon engaged with Ayers Rock, crocodiles, Maradona and the tango. Country followed country with many a highlight. There seemed no place of world interest that John had not visited. The Great Wall of China, Cuba, Egypt and the pyramids, the Galapagos islands, India and the Taj Mahal, Mexico, Russia, the USA. Some of the natural history images were extremely good – especially the sequence on the big cats of Kenya, the beady-eyed toucans of Brazil and the iguanas of the Galapagos. But people pictures also gave insights into different cultures such as the Cubans with their giant cigars or the people of Uzbekistan and their preference for gold teeth.
So what of the difficult letters? For John they were easy. Q was Queensland, Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. X was Xian, China and the terracotta warriors. Z was Zambia and the Zambesi river featuring the Victoria Falls. In all this form of travelling round the world proved a piece of cake – and as this was also John’s 70th birthday it was totally appropriate that a cake in the shape of a camera was served up for him at the end of a very entertaining evening.