Open Competition January 22nd 2014

The most recent meeting of the Wellington and District Camera Club was an Open Competition evening and as usual this was very well supported in both the Standard and Experienced classes. Well over sixty prints were presented to the judge, John Harmsworth for his consideration.
It is always interesting to see how a judge approaches an Open competition. In many ways this is probably the most difficult to judge because absolutely any subject matter can be entered. Equally it is just as difficult for the photographer to select something that will stand out from the other entries.

As it happened John brought his experienced eye to this task and showed that whilst he had particular preferences, this did not get in the way of his making pertinent comments about composition, lighting and the degree of difficulty a photographer might have had in photographing certain subjects. There was also some lively interactive banter between John and club members as he asked for comments from the authors of various images and this made for a very entertaining evening.

In the end many very good images missed out on certificates. The main reason for this was that there was a limited number to award and there were very many high quality pictures, some of which will probably fare better in competitions where the subject is specified. The results were as follows:
Standard Class
1st Louise Winborn for ‘Boy Band
2nd. Chris Bowman for ‘Sunset Cruise’
3rd. Frank Colebrooke for ‘Ten Tors’
Highly commended
Elizabeth Wiggins for ‘Waiting for the Train’
Frank Colebrook for ‘Heavenly Harley’

Experienced Class
1st Paul Carter for ‘Three Otters’
2nd. Rachel Hutchings for ‘Silent Flight’
3rd. Rachel Hutchings for ‘Clean Bowled’
Highly Commended
Paul Carter for ‘Red Tail Buzzard’ and ‘Starlings in the Snow’