29th January 2014 A superb evening from two members

Member Peter Elliston kicked off this evening with a hilarious spoof image of fruit bowl and squirrel, a parody of another member’s ‘Old Master’ close-ups; it brought the house down. There followed a succession of people pictured in humorous yet thought-provoking images, starting with his childhood efforts, already showing a knack for candid shots. Amongst the humour were some lovely straight images, including a girl painting amongst ripened corn dotted with poppies, her floral dress and straw hat evoking a distant summer.

His current project features the independent shops of Taunton and their colourful occupants – whether ebullient tattoo artists or fearsome elderly ladies searching for bargains. On the whole, these were not competition photos., yet they held our attention and admiration for the ability to see human stories and picture them so naturally.

Viv. Knighton, a relatively recent member, then stepped forward with a tour of the Cardiff Photo. Marathon. This event attracts 400 photographers at all skill levels by challenging them to produce city-wide images illustrating 12 themes, all in an exhausting 12 hours. ‘Celebration’ perhaps an easy one, Viv. chose a shop-full of football kit, whereas ‘Established’? Accompanied by her daughter, well versed in city sites, most of Viv’s 2012 entries were, let’s say, OK, though a shot of glassy arcade and string of lamps worked well.

She was inspired by the experience to go for 2013; now her shots were markedly better with much impact and interest. ‘Out of Place’ featured lady on park bench wearing large fluffy slippers, amusing and effective. Members were sufficiently impressed by the presentation that they backed our club organising a similar event, though we’ll pass on the 12 hour bit, thank you!

As an opportunity to enjoy the talents of our members, this was an enlightening and great fun evening.