A photographic pub crawl - the ladies set up a challenge

So now we know! The female members of Wellington & District Camera Club have a very clear view of the pastimes of their male counterparts. In an evening hosted by them and called ‘The Ladies Entertain’, what were the men to expect? Might it be that they thought they would like a bit of singing and dancing? Might it be that they would be presented with an evening of elegance and style? Well, it was neither of those things – although the ladies themselves do have plenty of elegance and style. Apparently what the ladies thought the men would enjoy looking at the most –photographically speaking – would be the many public houses of the area.
And so, without wishing to suggest that the ladies had indeed spent their own time on a massive pub crawl, they presented the men with a virtual one instead.
Testing the men with thirty eight images – half of local public houses with their names obliterated and half of the pubs’ locality taken from an unusual angle – the challenge was to name as many as they could. An excellent and thirst-inducing array of prints – but sadly not pints - was presented, taken by all the ladies of the club and the challenge was on.
The eventual winner of the competition by being able to name the identity or locality of 19 images was Matthew Jenkins who perhaps knows far more than is good for him when it comes to the pubs of the area but maybe he just drives about a lot. The winner from the ladies for taking the best image was Rachel Hutchings for her shot of the Globe Inn at Sampford Peverell.
The event was followed by some excellent party food. Many thanks to the ladies for a very entertaining evening.