February 19th 2014 -Battling all the way to a draw

As club battle go, the most recent with Dulverton Camera Club must rank as one of the best. From the very beginning the judge John Bjergfelt was fulsome in his praise for the quality of the images provided by both teams. Indeed such was his admiration for the work of the photographers that he said that when it came down to awarding the top marks he had great difficulty in splitting the images.
The first battle was between the printed images all of which were immaculately presented and many would have won club competitions in their own right. Top print from Dulverton was an atmospheric image of Corfe whilst for Wellington, Maurice Sadler triumphed with his elegant and stylish still-life in style of Vermeer. Also among the high marks for Wellington were Tom Borg for ‘World War 11 tableaux’ and Diane Rowe for ‘Selfie’. At the end this round of judging the teams was level on 258 points each.
As a judge, John Bjerfelt had a quitter delivery but his comments were incisive, helpful and humorous and he wasted no time in meeting the demands of commenting on the sixty photographs that formed the competition. He also interspersed his judgments with many lively asides to the audience such as ‘Was that owl sharpened?’ (something distinctly ‘verboten’ in natural history shots) and when no answer came, he added ‘Don’t admit it!’
And so to the second round – the digital images. Once again there were some highly impressive entries and natural history shots were of a very high standard. One such was Dulverton’s image of a pair of siskin finches engaged in either feeding or fighting – a very memorable picture. For Wellington , the top honours went to Nick Farnham for two shots and in particular his picture ‘Plop’, an image of a water droplet bouncing back up which must have taken hours of meticulous planning and shooting. He also was successful with his helicopter montage over the full moon entitled ‘Wildcat Intimidation’ whilst Rachel Hutching's macro image of a green bottle fly was so sharp and large that that almost felt more intimidating on the screen.
And so to the result. At the end with the scores for this round being 253 each, this meant that the whole evening ended in an historic and fitting draw.