26th February 2014 'The darker side of life' digital competition

‘The darker side of life’ was the theme for the most recent digital image competition and proved if nothing else that the club has more than its fair share of night owls prowling the streets in search of photographic subjects. In a large entry of over sixty images spread across the two categories of Standard and Experienced, the judge Guy Kirkham was provided with some colourful and startling pictures which proved that even though most photographs are taken in daylight, the dark is not without an arresting and eye-catching light of its own and is no time to put away your camera.
Urban landscapes were a favoured subject with streetlights and pavement reflections taken either far afield such as Singapore, Bangkok, Egypt or Spain but equally the backstreets of Wellington or Plymouth provided opportunities for atmospheric and evocative images.
Inevitably there were firework pictures and images of the moon but equally there were some really unusual entries. One such was an image which at first glance looked a total mistake in that it was so difficult to decide what it was or how it had been done. But on a more detailed look it was in fact an ingenious image of an aircraft trail passing across the heavens with the Milky Way as a backdrop and the whole image framed with trees as the shot had been captured by having the camera on the ground point up towards the night sky.
Guy Kirkham clearly enjoyed looking at the pictures and congratulated the winners on their success. The results were: Standard Class: Highly Commended to Viv Knighton and Dave Dagg;
3rd to Viv Knight; 2nd to Andy Howson; 1st to Louise Winborn.
Experienced Class: Highly Commended to Ted Strawson and Eunice Borg; 3rd to Paul Carter; 2nd to Tom Borg; 1st to Nick Farnham