5th March 2014 - WCPF travelling critique

This week the club reviewed the travelling critique boxes of prints from the Western Counties Photographic Federation. These prints had been chosen from those high scoring prints submitted to the 2013 WCPF Members Exhibition which did not quite make it into the final selection for the exhibition. There is only room to display 150 prints on the walls at the Members’ Exhibition at Buckfast Abbey and the Travelling Critique enables these also excellent, high scoring prints to be enjoyed and appreciated by club members.
The purpose of the Critique is to encourage clubs to simply devote an evening to look at and appreciate good quality prints.
And so it was that our photo club reviewed the pictures and whilst enjoying many of them it was sometimes difficult to understand why very dissimilar images obtained the same score. Subjects which showed plenty of inventiveness and high quality production often had a score comparable to images which seemed far less competent or eye-catching. So whilst this caused a certain amount of head-scratching it was decided that the only answer was for Wellington members to be more pro-active and to start entering this exhibition competition more regularly. There were plenty of interesting ideas in the critique boxes of prints which provided plenty of lively discussion as well being a stimulus not just to enter the competition but to go out and take more photographs.