12th March 2014 - a photographic medley

Peter Tickner, the club chairman provided the evening’s entertainment with a medley of items which entertained, encouraged and informed the members. This was an evening which mixed ad-vice on how to correctly re-size entries for digital competitions through to images of recent club visits and ending with a fascinating photographic journey through the Welsh slate country. And, as you would expect from Peter, there were a few pictures of trains as well!
The first half of the evening served to make the point that a photographic talk need not be a collection of competition-winning images but should be an entertaining evening in which the photographs tell a story. The message was that more members could present their images in short talks without worrying about them being harshly judged. And so Peter showed a range of images taken at Ab-botsbury, Bristol, Bodmin Moor and the Dorset Steam Fair not all of which he claimed to be perfect but all told a story about the event and what happened while he was there. Club trips are not just a social event but also an opportunity to get some great images and which can provide the basis of a future talk.
The second part took us to the Welsh slate mining towns of north and mid Wales. Photographically this is a challenging area given that slate is uniformly grey. But the rugged nature of the country-side, the perilous and hard conditions in which the miners worked and the bleakness of the environment were well caught in a series of dramatic images. Whilst Peter’s love of railways was again evident in this set of pictures it was also clear that he has an extremely creative photographic eye for capturing an unusual landscape that many would not consider visiting and moulding it into the kind of talk that he hoped more would do.