26th March 2014 Lee Pengelly, landscape master photographer

Renowned professional landscape photographer Lee Pengelly attracted a large audience of Wellington and neighbouring camera club members to ‘Travels with my Camera’. His relaxed style with dashes of humour belied the experience and skills that lay behind his wonderful images. Skills that he openly shared, from using neutral density and polarising filters at the scene to combining multiple images in Photoshop. The results brought tonal range and impact to the most difficult of exposures.

Many local landmarks figured, including a striking image of Dartmoor’s Brent Tor with chapel atop steep incline scattered with white boulders, the whole in warm evening light. His image of the breakwater at Porlock Weir, no doubt photographed by many present, was uniquely minimalist – the sea an unbroken white sheet, pierced by dark wooden pillars; this achieved with a ‘big stopper’ neutral density that greatly extends exposure time.

He progressed to Eastern Europe, Norway and Iceland, the latter including powerful shots of simple wooden chapels in austere settings, and ice lagoons with glistening floes in a blue landscape. Noting the need for thorough preparation, and heavy duty clothing, it was apparent that Lee will go to any lengths to secure his chosen shot. An inspiring evening greatly enjoyed.