2nd April 2014 - a rich medley of club talent

A few weeks ago the club chairman, Peter Tickner invited more club members to share their photographs with the rest of the club. That offer was taken up in the most recent meeting when five of them presented a medley of pictures which showed how rich and varied the hobby of photography can be.
First up was Ron Burnell who showed images from recent club visits to Bristol several of which he had tried out using Topaz filters to gain dramatic effect.
Next was Bill Summers whose images of New York featured the impressive and imposing skylines of that city which are very difficult to photograph given the problems of converging verticals. Particularly moving were his pictures of the 9/11 tribute centre and Ground Zero.
Nick Farnham provided an interactive session by showing his entries a PAGB award. This enabled the club to test their scores against the ones Nick was given and provided valuable information for those who may also want to achieve photographic awards. Also included were some of Nick’s pictures of a big cat sanctuary in Kent where getting up close and personal was clearly pretty risky.
Jon Peters followed with a range of images showing how much could be achieved by using a camera in a variety of ways such as changing lenses to obtain different depths of field. Images taken in lowlight or as silhouettes showed just what could be done with a picture.
Finally, Paul Carter showed the images he had submitted for the most recent WCPF exhibition and which had received four acceptances including one Highly Commended.
This was an evening which proved that the club has much talent and is prepared to share it so much so that not all of the presentations could be heard in one evening so a follow up is planned.