30th April 2014 - From London to Vancouver

This year the club has seen a greater number of presentations by club members simply sharing the pleasures of their photography and demonstrating that this is a hobby which not just records what was seen but also reminds us of the wonders of the world in which we live and how man’s interaction with it can be both positive and negative.
Tom Borg’s personal view of London from the 1960’s to the present day was such a set of images. In pictures which also demonstrated the amazing changes that digital photography has brought about in terms of picture quality. But he also revealed how his early photography on 127 film of urban settings could produce atmospheric images especially in night shots of shop fronts on high streets in Ilford. More delicate and exotic images taken in Kew Gardens were in stark contrast to those taken at Heathrow and in the London Docklands. Fascinating video footage of the Royal Albert Dock was also included to show dockers unloading grain ships and then compared to how it looks today. An award-winning shot of a Trafalgar Square fountain showed Tom’s flair for creative photography with an impressively backlit to create a dramatic image. More modern London images of the London Eye and the Dome and the city’s ever-changing landscape showed the endless possibilities for a photographer but also the journey Tom had taken in developing his techniques and composition skills. And if we needed reminding of how we all might be getting on a bit then his shot of the turnstile entrance to Kew Gardens where the admission was one farthing, or the picture of the market stallholder selling grapes for two shillings a pound were stark reminders of that fact!
Jon Peters took the club further afield with his on the road tour of the British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies. This was a personal set of pictures which involved his family exploring some of the regular sight-seeing places but also many off the beaten track locations from Vancouver through to the Banff ice fields and back again. This was a set of pictures which demonstrated the rugged nature of this part of Canada. Images of the ochre-coloured Paint Pots in Kootenay National Park, Lake Louis, Emerald Lake, Mount Robson and huge piles of driftwood in the Pacific Rim National Park provided dramatic evidence of the natural beauty of our world and its challenges. Jon’s pictures also recorded his family’s holiday challenges which included whale watching and finding a bear all of which were achieved. But the pictures of their white-water rafting experience showed this was certainly a holiday to remember.