10th September - The South Devon Salon of International Photography

The new season of the club got off to an amazing start with the presentation of the Third South Devon Salon of International Photography. This salon was established in 2012 to mark the 7oth anniversary of the Newton Abbot Photographic Club and draws in images from across the world and from some exceptional photographers.
It is fair to say that as the several hundred images were displayed there was predominantly an awed response from club members as high technical skills and creative flair were demonstrated in each of the three categories – Open, Creative and Nature. Also, the international flavour of the images proved that whilst it is possible to find great pictures anywhere in the world it is also the case that photographers of this high standard look for the same one thing. And that is ‘impact’.
For the majority of these images had the wow factor. And whilst not all of them would be to everyone’s taste, club members in the half-time break were keen to discuss their favourites and the ones that had stood out as so unusual that they almost defied belief that they could have been captured.
There were graphic monochrome portraits, high speed actions shots, terrific snowy landscapes and so much more. Humour was also present in images such as ‘Prelude by Bach’ which depicted a dog attempting a classical piano recital, or an executive in a formal suite emerging from a swampy pond entitled ‘I need a dry cleaner’, Equally memorable was the composite creative image of a woman hanging out zebra stripes to dry on a line with a partially de-striped zebra in the foreground. And whilst some of the images had a subtle quality there were many that were extremely powerful such as the shot of towering waves over a breakwater where the wave seemed to suggest the sea god, hence the image’s title ‘Poseidon surveying his domain’. Certainly there was an element of luck in this particular image but the finished image was of tremendous quality.
So there was plenty to inspire club members and it was unanimously decided to view the following year’s salon when it became available. Images from the salon can be seen at