24th September 2014 - Open and Street Life Competitions

The club’s first photographic competition of the season got off to an excellent start with 61 digitally projected entries spread across the two categories of ‘Open’ and ‘Street Life’. The competition was judged by John Bjergfelt from Clevedon who offered perceptive observations with a sense of humour that was much appreciated.
As with any open competition the subjects were many and various ranging from straight portraits, still life and natural history. But in an open competition it is the images which break through the obvious or straightforward – as long as they are matched by technical excellence - that tend to be among the prize-winners. And so it proved this time. The main awards in this section went to Jon Peters for his third prize picture ‘The Fence’ – a shot that the judge remarked would normally have been passed by but which told in fact an interesting story of part of the rural landscape. Rachel Hutchings took both second and first places for her images of ‘Damselfly, reflection, ripples and ‘Still Life on the Masai Mara’ respectively. Both of these images were dramatic and exceptionally sharp and worthy winners in any competition.
The second section for images which depicted street life provided the judge with subject matter similar to the kind of photographs he specialised in. John had brought along several folders of his own work which revealed his love of street life photography from the 1950’s. These marvellous monochrome prints which told stories of everyday life were great to see. So it was no surprise to see that he was looking for images which told a story as well as having good composition and technique. He liked many pictures but the main awards were: 3rd - Peter Elliston for ‘Italian Street’ – a shot of a typical Italian street that told the story of a continental life-style; 2nd – Derek Carpenter for ‘Look at ‘er’ – an image of two elderly ladies outside a café indulging in comments about a passer-by and 1st to Jak Lister for ‘Digi 1’ for a well-framed shot of walker in an urban setting.