Farewell to Rosie

One of the problems of working preparing digital images for competitions is understanding the requirements of the program which eventually works with the digital projector. If the images are not the right pixel size then the resolution of the image will either not be of a high standard or the image distorted in some way or simply rejected. So the recent club meeting addressed these issues because for even the most experienced photographer it is possible to forget and to submit competition entries which are unsatisfactory.
So Jon Peters and Ron Burnell went through the procedures for naming and re-sizing digital files. Seeing the adjustments being made on the screen showed the correct pathway to avoiding future problems of this kind.
This was followed by a review of images which the club will consider for forthcoming battles with other clubs.
But the remainder of the evening was given over to a big thank you to the club treasurer Rose Finch who is leaving to move to be nearer her family in another part of the country. Rose has been treasurer for seven years and has done an extremely efficient job in managing the club’s financial affairs. But more importantly Rosie has great sense of humour and a very warm personality which has been invaluable in welcoming new members to the club. She is also a passionate photographer with a love of landscapes and natural history photography. Many of her photographs have taken awards in club competitions. The club will miss her dearly but understand her reasons for moving on. We are also delighted she will be keeping in touch with us through one of our digital critique circles.