12th November 2014 - You could make good soup out of those images

It might be thought that there is nothing worse than having your favourite photographs dismissed by a judge as not worthy of merit but there is. This is where fellow club members are quite willing to give images the thumbs down in less time than it takes to blink! This is what happened at the recent club meeting where members were invited to consider pictures for inclusion in future inter-club photographic battles.
In order to get the best possible range of images to compete against other clubs and gain the upper hand, it is necessary to second guess the comments of any judge. So the initial selection process has to be somewhat ruthless as it’s important to look for obvious faults as well as to seek out unusual images with plenty of impact.
So the review of over 100 images evoked much good-humoured banter amidst some very aggressive democracy. Some shots were deemed not suitable for battles, some might work better as prints rather than digital images and others were simply ‘marmite’ shots that you could either love or hate.
It was clear was that the standard of photography within the club was reaching high levels and that the selection panel would have a difficult task in making their final choices. For although the club saw many breath-taking wildlife images these had to be balanced by other subjects to ensure a breadth within the club’s final presentations.
It was a lively and amusing evening in which much entertainment was provided by off the cuff comments from the audience so that rejection was softened by humour. After a series of carefully crafted still life shots of vegetables it was suggested that they would make a great soup rather than a battle image. Even a judge would not dare to say that!