26th November 2014 - Fear and Open Competition

If you were going to enter a photographic competition which had the title ‘Fear’ –what kind of subject matter do you think might be fitting? Might you rummage through your albums to find that shot of the day the cat’s fur stood up on end as it encountered the neighbour’s dog? Might you still have that picture of your children when they screamed as you indulged them on a very high roller-coaster? If you did find it then it would have stood a good chance in the club’s most recent competition.
However, the truth is that ‘Fear’ is a very tough subject and those album pictures probably do not exist as they are very much of the moment and time when a camera is the last thing to hand. Nevertheless even though there was a small entry some club members were well up for the challenge as judge Don Bishop discovered. 1st prize went to David Pike for his very sinister shot ‘Who’s there? – a glimpse of a vague human shape seen in the dark through a mottled window. 2nd went to Bill Summers for ‘What’s Coming Next?’ –a very unusual shot of graffit taken from above which seemed to depict a face with large scared eyes. 3rd went to Nick Farnham for ‘Too close for comfort’ – a juggler throwing clubs over the prostrate body of a helper.
The Open section was, as expected, more keenly contested. A large number of digital images of high quality and wide-ranging in subject matter made it no easy task to pick the winners.1st went to Polly Knowles for a striking still life entitled ‘Three Glasses’; 2nd and 3rd went to Eunice Borg for ‘Cross-eyed’ and ‘Steam Shed’. Also commended were Jak Lister, Diane Rowe, Jon Peters, Paul Carter and Derek Carpenter.