3rd December 2014 - From Portugal to Portland

It was a journey of Portugal to Portland when club chairman Peter Tickner shared his holiday images with camera club members recently. However, a Peter Tickner holiday usually has a very specific camera focus as club members know only too well. If there is a train or railway nearby then Peter will find it and photograph it and if there is some unusual historical detail associated with it then he will bring it to life for his audience.
However, the trams and ornate railway station of Lisbon were only part of his talk. We also saw the impressive scenery of the Doro Valley with its steep hillsides covered with vines and olives as well as the empty and derelict villages were unemployment had forced people into the towns and cities.
As travelling taking pictures is thirsty work it was understandable that local hostelries should feature prominently in this talk as were images of port waggons, pub games and information on just how cheap it is to buy a large beer in Portugal.
Closer to home Peter showed a wide range of images of the south west peninsular of the UK including many from club day’s out. Here we started at Portland with dramatic images of Portland stone and quarry work – not your usual holiday shots but ones which told you more about the life of the area. And then we made our way down to Cornwall via Dawlish (and the railway line that got demolished in last year’s gales) through Pentewan and its china clay industry and railway; back up to Bodmin Moor with its tin mines through to Ilfracombe and the Waverly steam paddle steamer.
Finally we viewed Clevedon pier and a magnificent sunset - a fitting end to our photographic journey.