7th January 2015 - Frank and Sue entertain

A new year is often the time when thoughts turn to travel and new challenges. So it was appropriate that the camera club’s first meeting of 2015 should have two presentations from members whose images revealed their globe-trotting experiences.
Frank Colebrooke showed a wide range of fascinating pictures that covered the globe from Brazil to New Zealand and along the way indicated his interest in the variety of shapes, textures and colours that exist in the natural world. Frank’s first section focused on natural history with some great pictures of orchids, autumnal fruit, gannets in flight and a variety of lizards. Landscapes came next where images of Devon’s red soil were contrasted with the colours of autumnal New Hampshire and the raging waters of the Iguazu Falls of Brazil. Along the way Frank entertained his audience with a humorous image of a two headed horse – or was it? –an impression of a penguin’s jumping style and a shot of how cooking a chicken down under in a pizza oven was quite startling.
Frank’s final sections on people and urban landscapes showed he has a good eye for an unusual picture in places such as Cambodia and Barcelona. And along the way there were also some useful photographic tips such as trying out landscape pictures without a sky and advice on creating a library of background shots for use in photo montage.
The second speaker, Sue Kelly linked perfectly with this. Sue presented tips on how to create online a great photo book. She has created at least 50 covering genealogy, history, travel, family and photography. Photo books provide an alternative way pf presenting, preserving, saving and sharing photographic images. Sue’s main tip was - prepare your images in a separate file first then a photo book montage will be straightforward.