Portrait Evening at Wellington Junior School - 21st January 2015

The camera club’s annual practical portrait evening recently took place in Wellington Junior School – a most suitable venue to accommodate the space require for large lighting display areas and lots of people.
The success of these evenings depends on good team work and preparation because not everyone has the technical experience to use indoor lighting or to get the best out of models. So it was very rewarding to see over 30 club members actively participating throughout the evening. The room was positively buzzing with involvement!
This year we were much helped by having four lighting areas – three for relative beginners – run by Peter Tickner, Jak Lister and Andrew Bosier – and one for more experienced photographers – tutored by Ron Burnell. Setting up these areas was done well in advance and this helped to get the evening off to a good start. Also, we were pleased to have the services of five models who were willing to put up with repeated requests to adjust their pose or put on a variety of hats to create different shots. Our thanks to Sarah, Poppy, Claire, Lloyd and Fiona for making this such a worthwhile event. Having so many models also meant that it was possible to move them around the different sets enabling everyone to take a variety of pictures.
Understanding how studio lights can be used to achieve good results is not easy so it was great to have so much help on hand during the evening. Although modern cameras are often described as making photography simple they are still pretty complex having so many menu choices that they can often be frustrating to use. It is only at events such as this that there is an opportunity to compare cameras and get an answer to a problem that may have been bugging you for a long time.