4th February 2015 - Sheila's Selection - boxes of quality delights

What makes a good talk at a camera club is one which has a speaker who communicates well, can present images yet still see any faults and an ability to inspire others to improve their own images. Sheila Haycox from Exeter Camera Club was able to do all three and more at the club’s most recent meeting.
Her presentation ‘Sheila’s selection’ was a modest title for some fantastic pictures. The first half was a display of a wide variety of subjects such as landscapes, nature, travel and sport images. Pin sharp photographs extremely well composed were set against creative ones where Sheila had experimented with over exposure and out of focus to create special effects. Not averse to creating composite images and honestly declaring where all the parts had come from, Sheila revealed marvellous photos of an Ice Maiden and a camel train in a bleak desert landscape.
Club members also admired a wide range of shots of a squadron of pelicans feeding and one appropriately taken with a fish-eye lens made the birds almost leap out of the print.
It was clear that Sheila is a highly versatile and multi-talented photographer capable of adapting to a wide variety of subjects. This was particularly evident in her people pictures of the gruelling Rock Solid endurance race or her evocative re-creations of the 1950’s.
So how to follow that? Sheila then presented a set of audio-visual pieces which were extremely professionally constructed. Of these there were two that really stood out. The first was images of Asia and China where Sheila captured hard working but happy families living in conditions which were almost from a previous time. The other was a touching documentary of Venice in which her aunt’s secret love affair with a gondolier was revealed. This was a quality presentation in all ways.