25th February 2015 - The ravages of time - Competition Night

On competition evenings it is usually a safe bet that the entries for the Open section will outnumber those for the Themed section. However, this was not the case in the most recent meeting when the theme of ‘Derelict’ more than doubled those for the open section. It would be perhaps unkind to suggest that given the average age of club members that the ravages of time and an extensive knowledge of wear and tear would be the reason for a greater identification with the theme!
The judge was Keith Spicer from Weston-super-mare. Keith judged the images first for their composition and secondly for their technical qualities but his main focus was whether the image ‘told the whole story’. This meant that if an image was too tightly cropped or not cropped enough then it would fall short of an award.
The Open section comprised of 21 entries which included many eye-catching and in some cases startling images. Of these were Andy Howson’s ‘Code Red’ and ‘Fish Food’. In the end the results were 1st Rachel Hutchings for ‘Cheetah with Cub’, 2nd Jak Lister for ‘Open Film 12’, 3rd Paul Carter for ‘Eyes on the Ball’, Highly Commended Peter Elliston for ‘Buddha’ and ‘Beach Stunt Rider’.
The themed section had 48 entries depicting objects and places in various stages of decay. For Keith the images had to present the theme completely and as a result some images were not derelict enough! The shot that won the competition was Frank Colebrooke’s letterbox image of an old jetty in New Zealand which fitted the theme like no other simply by being simple, clear and technically very well done. Other awards went to 2nd. Tim Bidlake-Corser for ‘Derelict under a leaden sky’, 3rd to Jon Peters for ‘The Workers’ Hut’, Highly Commended to Jak Lister for ‘Derelict film 9’ and Jean Standing for ‘Abandoned Cypriot Chapel’.