4th March 2015 - WCPF Travelling Print Collection

This evening we critiqued prints from Western Counties Travelling Print Collection. These are high scoring images, acceptances that didn’t quite make it to the limited space of Members Exhibition.
A mix of mono, portraiture, nature and creative images, all were well presented with much to hold the interest, even as we questioned some scores.

Portraits were something of a let-down, most with eyes averted and lacking drama. The exception, two magnificent full-torso shots of a male black boxer beautifully lit to emphasise his physique (lady members showed great interest here) and a full-on facial expression.

Creative shots were well done, unusual was the entrance to a dark rectangular hall, populated with a line of folk abreast, some advancing and some retreating from the camera. Their clothes included a couple of essential red jackets to pull the eye, very effective.

Nature shots were generally of very high quality; a facial close-up of mother hippo. and youngster was beautifully sharp and colourful, countenances verging on beautiful and belying the aggressive nature of these beasts. Gold winner was a fantastic tree frog, with glowing red eye, green body, and orange legs arranged in a striking pose. Frog on a stick, yes, but a surefire winner.

The evening produced some good ideas for members to consider (anyone tried metallic paper?) lightened by the usual humour and banter which makes these sessions so enjoyable.