18th March 2015 - Linda Wevill - the road to FRPS

To achieve Fellowship status with the Royal Photographic Society not only involves considerable technical expertise but also great creative skills and a passion for photography. So when Linda Wevill FRPS spoke to the club recently it was a pleasure to view the images which gained her this award.
Linda is mainly a landscape and seascape photographer but her images are never straightforward. There is always an artistic interpretation of the scene she has shot. Her prints, all of which were magnificently mounted and displayed, presented hazy landscapes set off by delicate colours. The use of long exposures, white layers and texture revealed a different dimension of rocky beach scenes, crashing waves or walkers by the shore.
Linda showed how she had moved through the various distinction levels of the Royal Photographic Society. Her final panel of 20 prints depicted the pulleys, ropes and rings that are often found mooring boats in local harbours. As a keen sailor this was a very appropriate choice for this advanced panel. Using a preferred square format for these small objects, Linda had enhanced them by overlaying each image with a textured layer of the sea. This created a set of wonderful artistic images that was unique.
Finally, Linda presented some images from her current work. This time she had tried to perfect using ice patterns as her texture layer even going so far as to freeze flowers in her deep freeze so as to achieve interesting patterns. This, she said, was a work in progress as she had yet to achieve enough ice patterns to obtain variety for another set of images.
The club enjoyed Linda’s modest portrayal of her very high standard images and will have learnt much about how to be creative with some very traditional photographic subjects.