1st & 8th April 2015 - two in-house meetings

In the first of two meetings of the camera club a hasty text received from the scribe announced he would be unavailable for duties at due to an imminent lambing event. Therefore the following recollections are penned by an apprentice!
Group interests and projects were shared at this ‘in house’ evening – one of the rare occasions to showcase more personal work. Portraiture, travel, creative and the first photos of a group project on Coldharbour Mill were enjoyed. There will be more of this later with an exhibition to look out for. Also include were pictures of Halong bay in Vietnam, the Rock Solid Race at Escot; Indian/Pakistani railways and a project on ‘Lost soles’ ( haven’t we all come across a solitary item of footwear and wondered….) all of which reflected the wide range of interests in the club. It was a particular joy to see newer members happily joining in on an evening which relies entirely on group input. Thanks to Diane Rowe for writing this section up.
The second evening was billed as ‘The Gentlemen Entertain’ – an event when anything can happen and not usually as planned. The first part intended to show digital images of Wellington and its vicinity or an image of a wellington boot. Mostly this was what happened except for a slightly broader interpretation of the brief enabling several images of a dairy farm and close-ups of cows to sneak in (albeit from a Wellington Club visit). But the best image was from Tom Borg whose creative skills put large pair of wellington boots atop of the old Town Hall and designated for a large pub chain. This was followed by a ‘spot the photographer’ print competition. Over 40 images were presented for the ladies to consider. It was a difficult task but enlivened by some totally useless clues. In the end Janet Sadler won the prize for most correct answers so well done to her.