29th April 2015 - Ian Wright Part 2

The much-travelled Ian Wright and his wife Kitty returned to follow-up their visit in early February in a session which proved invaluable to club members. Ian is such an easy speaker to listen to that it is almost as if he is a permanent member of the club or even a personal friend such is the way that he interacts with his audience.
In the first half of the evening he presented a series of images taken in various places in India - one of the many visits he has made to that country. His images off the beaten track reveal the everyday lives of ordinary people. His mantra is ‘travel – explore – think about – and interpret through images the place you have seen’. In presenting this he showed the transitions a final image had gone through to achieve a high quality picture with impact. This often meant breaking the conventions of club photography where one eye is often set on a competition and the opinion of a judge. So, whilst Ian was not above ‘cleaning up and image’, he was also saying that that if you want to present the authenticity of a place then you perhaps have to see it warts and all. Not everything has to be simplified and there is also a strong argument for using certain photographic filters to bring an image to life where strong lighting conditions caused exposure problems.
Ian’s advice to budding photographers was to always ask yourself ‘what do you want the viewer to see in your image’ and to act accordingly.
This advice was applied in the second half of the evening where Ian offered a critique of members’ images. His helpful comments enabled many to see that images which at first appeared problematic could be reborn by careful cropping. The club much enjoyed this talk and will certainly welcome Ian and Kitty back at any time.