6th May 2015 - Three club members entertain

A photo club is in good health when it is able to put on an evening where three of its members can entertain with ease highly enjoyable and different presentations. Such was the case recently when we were offered a practical session, an opportunity to engage with an on-going photographic project and to be whisked overseas to foreign lands.
Jon Peters provided the practical part guiding members through the often tricky business of using layers in the post-production of digital images. For many using layers in Photoshop can be quite daunting but Jon carefully took the group through some simple steps to make radical improvements to poorly exposed shots. He also showed how by using the blending tool function it was possible to darken, lighten and combine and adjust images. It is only with the repetition of these skills that using layers becomes less of a mystery and Jon’s presentation certainly helped in convincing us of that.
Maurice Sadler then invited us to indulge in The Seven Deadly Sins! He presented his photographic project inspired by the work of Dutch masters and so maybe it was not totally surprising that this involved tulips arranged to represent these attributes. Seven cleverly shot still life images were shown and the audience was invited to critique them and offer help to improve on Maurice’s inspiration. Strange to say the audience had problems with lust, greed and wrath – at least in still life form and so for Maurice this will still be a work in progress.
Finally, Polly Knowles took us to Vietnam and Cambodia via set of excellent people images. The contrast between the living conditions of these two countries was fully brought home as both countries struggled to establish themselves after many years of war. Street traders, hordes on heavily-laden motor cycles, ubiquitous plastic furniture and fishing communities built above the sea and rivers gave us a vivid understanding of very different lifestyles.
This was great evening with something for everyone.