13th May 2015 - Ten club members entertain

Following on from the previous week where club members entertained with examples of their photographic projects, another ten stepped forward to show their latest pictures. Presenting your work for other keen photographers is always a little daunting but Wellington Camera Club makes it far less of an ordeal because everyone knows that the images will be warmly received and plenty of helpful advice given.
So when new member Viv Burridge put up two of her street photography images it must have been good for her to hear plenty of praise for the pictures which will encourage her to enter future club competitions.
There was plenty of interest too in several other presentations from longer-standing members. Tom Borg showed how a previous club evening with Ian Wright had led him to re-evaluate some archived images and how by careful and selective cropping he could reveal brand new pictures with plenty of impact. David Dagg’s images of a Liberation calvalcade in Jersey provoked much discussion particularly of the vehicles on parade. Diane Rowe’s shots of club members on a recent holiday in a more than wet Porto revealed that it takes more than continuous rain to stop her shutter from clicking! Peter Elliston tried to convince members that modern mobile phone images could stand up well alongside those from traditional cameras and Frank Colebrooke showed images of Cold Habour Mill and the rather gruelling Rock Solid Challenge. Maureen Sable, also a relatively new member also showed images including one stunning shot of reflections in a stainless steel Chicago exhibit.
Polly Knowles showed images from Becky Falls, Devon and part of the eccentric collection of objects to be found at Snowshill Manor in the Cotswolds. Finally Jon Peters and Maurice Sadler offered a variety of shots which showed both a good use of post processing techniques and the creation of still life images.