27th June 2015 - 7 +1 go mad in Totnes

Club Day Out to Dartmouth

It was a beautiful day for the club visit to Dartmouth last Saturday and with Peter T’s usual careful planning what could go wrong? So how can I explain the scenes at Totnes railway station when our group resembled less the Magnificent Seven club members who turned up (plus one for my wife who must of course never be forgotten) and more the cast of Dad’s Army? Our instructions said that a Gold bus would arrive at the station to connect with Dartmouth soon after we arrived. But no bus came and neither was it clear whether it would roll into the station or whether we should go out of the station and cross the road to get one. It has to be said that there was not unanimous agreement on this so our party soon transformed into headless chickens crossing and re-crossing the road, stopping Gold buses on route to goodness knows where to find out just how we were going to get to Dartmouth. In all of this Ted Jackson-Smith was a revelation leading from the front so fast in both directions with his wheeler that it was hard to keep up with him. Finally we discovered that Peter T had been fed duff information from the bus company and that the Gold bus to Dartmouth was no more! The next regular bus to Dartmouth was in fact in two hours’ time! Undaunted we trailed into Totnes in the wake of an increasingly speedy Ted to find some refreshments and a sit down.
And so we arrived in Dartmouth two hours later than anticipated but the sun was shining, the scenery fantastic and everyone was still in good spirits. A few of us booked our places on the paddle steamer the Kingswear and then set about looking for lunch. For some (no names mentioned) lunch was somewhat extended but after the morning’s excitement this was fairly acceptable.
Dartmouth was buzzing with activity and there was plenty to photograph including youngsters jumping off the sea wall, an amusing ‘man-creche’ outside a backstreet pub, the stoker fuelling the furnaces of the paddle steamer and a small fete set up in the town gardens – although I have to say that the latter had booked a performer whose interpretation of 70’s and 80’s pop songs was more than excruciating. But hey, the sun was still shining.
As we reconvened to fight our way back onto a very popular bus which hurtled back to Totnes, each of us had taken a wide variety of images that will remind us of a very enjoyable day out with many memories and especially that of the unflappability of Peter T.