6th January 2016 - Helicopter,machine guns, urban leopards and beach wolves. Wildlife with Bertie Gregory

The club’s first meeting of 2016 kicked off with an impressive performance from Bertie Gregory, Young Wildlife and National Geographic Award winner. Speaking to an audience of over 80 including photographers from other clubs, this young man certainly had charisma, knowledge and photographic skills in abundance. At only 22, Bertie has had photographic experiences many of us could only dream about and tremendous pictures to die for. Having said that, it is the case that Bertie’s photographic lifestyle often involves some danger and considerable physical hardship.
His early work shown in his images of peregrine falcons (his favourite bird) and other urban wildlife were splendid enough but his work for National Geographic in some very inhospitable places showed it’s not just patience you need as a skilled wildlife photographer but often courage too.
Photo shoots in Mumbai, Colombia, the Red Sea and the wilds of Canada produced stunning wildlife images but not without physical hardship and risk. Bears, raccoons, seals, crocodiles, leopards, whales and wolves were all part of Bertie’s close encounters and through his still images and video clips on land, in the air and underwater, we were thrilled to watch and enjoy them.
Drone photography was, he said, a game changer and his swooping images of coastlines and wildlife certainly proved this even if his first attempt ended in a spectacular crash! Much of Bertie’s current work will appear on the National Geographic tv channel where he will be involved in presenting a series of 12 programmes. Questioned about his choice of lifestyle he said it was his passion for wildlife that drove him on linked to persistence and fiercely competitive edge.
Clearly this was a young man who will go far and his talk was an inspirational start to the club’s 2016 programme.