13th January 2016 - Rachel and Paul's South Atlantic adventure

When you are contemplating where you might spend your honeymoon, trekking to the South Atlantic to photograph the wildlife might not be the most obvious choice. However, if you are dedicated wildlife photographers like Paul and Rachel Carter then this is perfectly understandable.
In fact, in Paul’s case this was hardly a surprising choice as he is nothing short of being serial explorer.
In their talk to the camera club he revealed this in an opening section where he described his ambition to see an eclipse on every continent. So the first part of his talk featured images taken in 2003 where he managed to catch an eclipse in the Antarctic. He followed this with another expedition a year later to the land of the midnight sun. Here we saw shots of an icebreaker in action, a lucky escape when a zodiac craft was nearly capsized by a broken off section of an iceberg and the huts of explorers Shackleton and Scott.
But it was visit last November when this husband and wife team braved the cold conditions together for the first time. Whilst their images of the wildlife were as usual exceptional, it was perhaps the shots of the huge tabular icebergs that were the most astonishing. These huge structures with their sheer cliff faces were truly awesome with their colours ranging from deep white to brilliant blue.
The images of the wildlife were also spectacular with very difficult panning shots of swooping petrels particularly memorable. Penguins of course there of course aplenty and we were all impressed and amused by Paul’s valiant work in counting and numbering a whole colony!
This was an extremely interesting talk enlivened not only by the knowledge we all gained from it but also the unique entertainment that came from watching Paul demonstrate just how much clothing he had to wear - starting from his thermal long johns - a sight probably not witnessed before in any camera club meeting – anywhere!