27th January 2016 - Squirrel Nutkin Rides Again!

It was the tale of Squirrel Nutkin all over again in the camera club’s recent photographic competition. Faced with over 30 entries in the digital image themed class of ‘Mammals’, judge Keith Spicer from Weston-super-mare caused something of a surprise when he opted for a stuffed squirrel over living creatures from around the world. This particular squirrel was not unknown to the club having popped up over the years in various guises in other images by photographer Maurice Sadler. Maurice is well known for his carefully arranged and low light still life images and indeed his success in the themed competition was mirrored by the same achievement in the Open competition run on the same night.
For Keith Spicer, his choice of the best pictures mainly came down to not just how the images looked but how the various elements came together. Principally this meant being aware of how much to leave in and how much to take out. Cropping just the right amount could often completely change a picture for the better and this was his advice on many of the pictures presented to him.
The Open competition had an interesting array of images covering a wide range of subject areas as you would expect but it was also pleasing to see entries from many newcomers to the club and showing real improvement in their work. The results were 1st Maurice Sadler for ‘Pheasant with red wine’; 2nd Paul Carter for ‘You go first’; 3rd Peter Elliston for ‘Lookalike’. Highly commended went to Andy Howson and Peter Elliston.
The ‘Mammals’ class featured great images of whales, seals, elephants, lions and less exotic wildlife. There were also some great images of domestic animals particularly man’s best friend, the dog. The results were 1st Maurice Sadler for ‘Squirrel Nutkins at lunch; 2nd Rachel Carter for ‘The eyes have it;3rd Nick Farnham for ‘Who woke me up’. Highly commended went to Andy Howson and Diane Rowe.