3rd February 2016 - Annual Battle with Chard - an honourable draw

Battles between camera clubs are always keenly contested and this was the case once again when Chard camera club visited recently. This was an Open digitally projected image competition which required each club to present 25 entries each. The judge was Chaz Madge from Exeter and Exmouth.
It is always interesting to see a neighbouring club’s selection of images because in that way you get to know not only how good their photographic techniques are but also what kind of subjects are being taken and to compare that with your own club. Whilst Chard had the usual mix of natural history and wildlife images there was also quite an emphasis on street photography particularly in monochrome enhanced by filters. Chaz Madge was quick to point out this kind of technique worked well with some subjects but often could create an unnatural effect. That said, Chard had some very striking images and they ran Wellington very close throughout the whole contest.
In fact, at the end when the points were totalled it was found that it was a draw at 316 points each! This was a fitting result for two clubs which clearly have some excellent photographers able to find and portray original images.
Wellington members who scored highly were Eunice Borg for her ‘Whitehaven Lighthouse’, Diane Rowe for her ‘Demoiselle’, Maurice Sadler for ‘Fish in white wine’, Paul Carter for ‘Determined’ and Nick Farnham whose visually stunning image of reeds at Burnham beach got the top marks of 20 and as a result gave Wellington a technical victory even though the points scores were level.
The evening was made even more entertaining with some lively banter between the judge and the audience especially when his comment that the horizon on one image was not level was rectified by the projectionist applying an instant tilt to the picture!