17th February 2016 - Auction/Portrait Evening/News Roundup

The two most recent meetings of the camera club featured practical activities. The first was an in-house auction of photographic items generously donated by club members. A large number of camera accessories, bags and tripods went under the hammer ably wielded by auctioneer Tony Drew who skilfully demonstrated the uses of some of the more obscure objects. Some competitive and probably compulsive bidding ensured leading to a very pleasing sum of over £90 for club funds.
The second evening was the club’s annual portrait evening held at Wellington Junior School. As always this was a great opportunity to understand the principles of studio photography, lighting and camera techniques for this kind of photography. Ron Burnell provided a very useful introduction explaining the critical relationship between the setting of camera aperture, shutter speed and ISO to ensure a successful exposure and to maybe create the Rembrandt effect with appropriate shadows. Ron also provided a very helpful set of portraiture leaflets, examples of what could be achieved with the lighting system he had provided for club members to use. Club member Andrew Bosier provided another lighting rig which was complemented by the club’s own set put up by Mike Barrow.
Then it was down to club members to experiment and try out various camera angles and shots of three willing and helpful models.
One of the models was new club member Daphne Hilsdon whose business as a creator of re-enactment costumes provided an opportunity to take some very different kinds of studio portrait. Other models Kevin Holloway and Fiona Green also were very patient and understanding as the photographers sought to capture them in their best light.
The club is certainly able to offer a wide range of activities as it is about to embark on a special photography training programme for nearly twenty members which will be led by Jon Peters and later in May there will be a special photographic exhibition of the Cold Harbour Mill renovations.