24th February 2016 - Competition Evening 'A named place in the South West' & 'Open'

It was competition night with the two sections - Open and 'A named place in the South West'. The judge was John Foulkes from Axminster. John provided some excellent comments and judged very fairly. He had a particular interest in images that told a story especially shots including people. It was also refreshing to hear a judge who was honest about his use of Photoshop with which he claimed he carried out multiple homicides after cloning out unwanted people in images!
There were some great images on show and it is particularly good to see some of the relatively newer members of the club both entering the competitions and getting recognition for their work.
The results were:
Open - 29 entries.
1st Rachel Carter for 'Barn owl pursued by magpie' - an extraordinary shot which would do well in any wildlife competition. There was universal pity for the poor vole in the owl's clutches!
2nd Ted Strawson for 'Fiona Again' - a shot of a backlit model that was preferred over a similar one just entitled 'Fiona'
3rd Polly Knowles for 'Empty Basket' - a thought-provoking image of hard manual labour in Sri Lanka
Highly Commendeds went to Rachel Carter for 'Mist and Sundogs on Ullswater' and Nick Farnham for 'YeHaa'
Also held back were Tom Borg's 'Country Park in January',Dadid Dagg's 'Rose' and Viv Burridge's 'Little Lost Chick'
Themed - 26 entries - 'A named area in the South West'
1st Ted Strawson for 'Lunmouth Light' - a moody monochrome of the fishing pier at Lynmouth
2nd Peter Elliston for 'The coast at Sidmouth' - a shot of an artist at work recreating the red cliff face
3rd Andrew Bosier for 'Bristol Biubbs' - a bubble street entertainer in Bristol
Highly Commendeds went to Tom Borg for Cheesewring on Bodmin' and Frank Colebrooke for 'Challacombe Down,Dartmoor
Also held back were Tom Borg's 'Crackington Haven' and 'St Andrews,Halberton,Devon' and Viv Burridge's 'View from Bickleigh Bridge'
Well done to all of them and to all who entered.