2nd March 2016 - 'What's the story?'

Highlight this week was member Peter Elliston's illustrated treatise What's the Story?, delivered in a fun movie wrapper. His long-time interest in quirky and unconventional images has evolved into a passion for photographing people, usually in urban settings and with a story attached. His right hand assistant, a premium compact camera, enables silent and unobtrusive operation for candids, informality for portraits.

We started with a run of monochrome images, whose lack of colour aids focus on the people and their interactions. Memorable was a shot of food van labelled Gourmet Burgers, perhaps a contradiction in itself, with chap seated on pavement feeding a cluster of pigeons ... lovely irony. More appealing to the ladies, a shop window emblazoned SALE, with three naked and tastefully well-endowed male mannequins on show; we assume clothes are all sold out!

The colour series followed: Day Out with a Cabbage featured chap reading newspaper on bench, his propped bike with front wicker basket carrying a bright green cabbage on the back rack. All genuine, but it left a judge unmoved! Not all were so quirky; a gentle shot of grandma and granddaughter seated at table and jointly tucking into large pieces of cake illustrated the poignancy of generational ties.

Peter's work has resulted in a large portfolio of human interest, not all prizewinners by any means, but all featuring an interaction, a fun moment, one-offs to remind us to have a camera to hand at all times. A very enjoyable evening for all.