16th March 2016 - Battle with Dulverton

Inter-club competitions or battles are always keenly contested and the most recent with Dulverton Camera Club was certainly that. This featured a total of 60 images split between mounted prints and digital images.
We were delighted to welcome a very good number of Dulverton members who brought with them a set of very high quality images. We knew we were in for a tough time but had not anticipated how tough it would be!
The judge for this battle of the clubs was the extremely knowledgeable John Foulkes from Bridport and what he doesn’t know about photography and in particular wildlife is probably not worth knowing! Explaining that he was given a tremendous challenge with the images submitted to him as there were many that were award winners in their own right. But as this was a battle he had to employ a wide range of marks to ensure a competition actually took place. He also commented on a high proportion of pictures of owls which seemed to dominate both clubs’ submissions but they were all very good. In fact, the top mark for Dulverton went to an image of an owl in flight which John said was one of the best pictures of an owl that he had ever seen.
At the half way stage Dulverton had built up an impressive lead of 17 points for their prints and it looked as if Wellington would struggle to catch up. However, as each digital image was projected the scores got closer and closer. High scores from Rachel Carter,Ted Strawson,Polly Knowles,Nick Farnham and Peter Elliston put a win within sight and when Paul Carter achieved the maximum of 20 for his ‘cave painting-like image’ ‘Wildebeest Crossing’ it was all over bar the shouting. Wellington had won a very exciting contest by 441 points to Dulverton’s 405.