27th April 2016 - 'Smoke, Mist and steam' - digital competition

After Paul Jones, the judge at the club’s most recent photo competition suggested club members might like to try flipping a colour image into a monochrome one to see how it worked, it came as no surprise that the two winning images in the club’s digital competition had done just that.
The Open digital competition had 30 entries and it was a very strong field – a mixture of portraits, wildlife, macro shots of flowers, some sports photography and a few landscapes.
The winning image was from Mike Bevan. Title ‘The Enlightened One’ this was a great example of a picture seen within a bustling urban area. In the midst of a dark jostling crowd a beam of light picked out one man from the rest. A grab shot maybe but nevertheless pretty effective. The other results in this section were: 2nd – Peter Elliston for ‘Up and Over’; 3rd Rachel Carter for ‘Great Grey Owl’. Also commended were images by Andy Howson, Diane Rowe, Polly Knowles and Peter Elliston.
The themed competition was ‘Smoke or mist or steam’ and there were 32 entries which pretty much covered all of those subjects with perhaps more emphasis on steam. Whilst there were some traditional approaches to this topic with misty shores and landscapes it was also encouraging to see some experimental creative images on show where the authors were not frightened to employ Photoshop techniques to make something different. Two such images were Maurice Sadler’s ‘Hot Chillies’ which were nearly on fire and Nick Farnham’s ‘In a spin’ where a rapidly revolving pineapple looked as though it was about to blast off given the smoke it was emitting. However, the winner was Mathew Layzell for ‘Please wait he will be here soon’ – a great mono shot which replicating a ‘Brief Encounter’ moment. Other results were 2nd Diane Rowe for ‘Beam engine in steam’ taken at Coldharbour Mill; 3rd Mike Bevan for ‘Evening Maintenance’ – another mono railway shot. Commended were Nick Farnham (2 images) and Maureen Sable (2 images).