Critique evening 11th May 2016

The intended travelogue session this week was cancelled, several of the presenters taking a well deserved rest after preparing and installing our exhibition at Coldharbour Mill (see Wellington News 11th May). Instead we had a critique evening with a difference.

Members were called down to the front three at a time (no one escaped) to assess and comment on two prints provided at random by members. 'Cold' assessment is a challenging business, so each were presented with a card to enable and direct thinking. Whether speaking to Focus and Impact, or Composition, Colour and Tone, or Story and Emotion, everyone was able to offer considered feedback, perhaps to their own surprise.

With our final competition of the season next week, the session appropriately highlighted the difficulty of commenting on non-technical aspects of images; perhaps we'll be a little more understanding of the hapless judge? Moi?

The evening closed with a 10 minute video of Coldharbour Mill, prepared by two members, and featuring knowledgeable gents in flat cap and red scarf enveloped in copious clouds of steam from beautifully restored engines.