18th May 2016 competition

Peter Hyatt came along this evening to judge the final competition of the season. With some of our more prolific members on holiday, the print entry was smaller than usual so we were treated to a display of Peter's own work in the second half. An unprecedented act of courage from a judge!

In the Open category he awarded First to Paul Carter for a magnificent shot of Highland Stag, antler tips gleaming white in oblique sunlight. Second went to Viv Burridge for Dementia and Me, a tenderly caught portrait of elderly couple, clearly devoted. Third to Tom Borg for a candid of marine soldier being interviewed by a frankly admiring female reporter.

This month's theme, Close-up and Macro, produced mostly natural history, perhaps the natural subject for this speciality. First, Dog Tooth Violet by Diane Rowe, remarkable for the beautifully soft lighting produced by an LED mat. Second was Maurice Sadler's White Lily, said bloom perfectly captured on a mirror, golden stamens the focal point. Third, Still Life with Exotic Fruit was also Maurice's, featuring several Physalis berries glowing orange on a black background.

To close, Peter followed our theme by displaying a superb range of intensely coloured prints featuring bottles illuminated from below by a light box. These followed by arrangements of cocktails, side lit against a black background. The creativity and technical excellence of his work was quite outstanding, a pleasure to see.